Awardees will receive a Broadband Master Plan, Feasibility Analysis, and Feasibility Design. The following are key elements of the Scope of Work:
» Provide comparison of available media (Fiber Optic, DSL, Coaxial Cable, Wireless).
» Develop and conduct a broadband survey of residents and businesses.
» Develop a Community Engagement Plan including budget, timeline, and milestones.
» Work with legal advisor(s) to validate legal authority to own and operate broadband infrastructure.
» Work with legal advisors to develop a recommendation on a specific legal structure for housing a potential network.
» Develop a Broadband Strategy.
» Conduct a Market Analysis.
» Provide the Pros and Cons of available business models currently deployed in the U.S.
» Cost comparison for Inside Plant and Outside Plant Equipment.
» Conduct a Risk Analysis for all project phases.
» Model a projected Monthly Network Operations Fee for residents and businesses.
» Create a Feasibility Network Design for a Fiber to the Business and Fiber to the Premise Network.
» Prepare an analysis and recommendation on whether the Town should pursue pure aerial, pure underground, or a hybrid (aerial & underground).
» Prepare a Cost Breakdown for Network Materials.
» Prepare a Projected Cost Breakdown for Network Installation.
» Create a Financial Pro-Forma based on Cost Structure.
» Establish a projected cost per premise based on a breakdown of all cost variables.
» Develop draft RFP’s for Construction
» Provide Planning Assistance for Construction Financing and Long-Term Financing.
» Identify potential sources for construction financing and long-term financing.
» Consolidate data into a Broadband Master Plan.
» Document Key Findings.
» Develop a Next Steps Plan in conjunction with the Broadband Report.

The feasibility design will include a preliminary desktop design, bill of materials and initial high-level splicing artifacts to establish initial budgetary numbers for cost to deploy the network.